Our own laboratory

Having a laboratory enables us to check quality of products offered to customers.
We analyse moisture, determine ash content and yield of volatiles in graphite powder and in other carbon-containing materials.

Drying Cabinet

Using this device we analyse the content of moisture in our products. The amount of moisture in a product is determined by the difference in the original sample and in the dry residue.

Muffle Furnace

This device helps to determine the content of ash and volatiles in our products after samples are completely burnt. We analyse the ash residues then.

Various Tools and Equipment

We use various equipment and additional tools for measuring, weighing and researching by working in the laboratory. 

Of course, we have equipment for sifting, handling, drying, stacking and storing our raw materials! Do you want to know more?

Our standarts

During manufacturing and supplying our products, we take into account the GOST standards or special needs of our customers:

GOST 10273-79 Graphite for the preparation of alcaline accumulator active mass. Specifications
(in Russian – ГОСТ 10273-79 Графит для изготовления активных масс щелочных аккумуляторов. Технические условия).
Graphite GAK-1 (ГАК-1), Graphite GAK-2 (ГАК-2), Graphite GAK-3 (ГАК-3);

GOST 10274-79 Graphite for production of electrocarbon products. Specifications
(in Russian – ГОСТ 10274-79 Графит для производства электроугольных изделий. Технические условия).
Graphite EUZ-M (ЭУЗ-М), Graphite EUZ-II (ЭУЗ-II), Graphite EUZ-III (ЭУЗ-III);

GOST 18191-78 Special graphite with low ash content. Specifications
(in Russian – ГОСТ 18191-78 Графит специальный малозольный. Технические условия).
Graphite GSM-1 (ГСМ-1), Graphite GSM-2 (ГСМ-2);

GOST 23463-79 High-purity powdery graphite. Specifications
(in Russian – ГОСТ 23463-79 Графит порошковый особой чистоты. Технические условия;

GOST 4404-78 Graphite for manufacture of slate-pencils. Technical requirements
(in Russian – ГОСТ 4404-78 Графит для производства карандашных стержней. Технические условия).
Graphite GK-0 (ГК-0), Graphite GK-1 (ГК-1), Graphite GK-2 (ГК-2), Graphite GK-3 (ГК-3);

GOST 4596-75 Crucible graphite. Specifications
(in Russian – ГОСТ 4596-75 Графит тигельный. Технические условия).
Graphite GT-1 (ГТ-1), Graphite GT-2 (ГТ-2), Graphite GT-3 (ГТ-3);

GOST 5279-74 Crystal graphite for foundry purposes. Specifications
(in Russian – ГОСТ 5279-74 Графит кристаллический литейный. Технические условия). Graphite GL-1 (ГЛ-1), Graphite GL-2 (ГЛ-2), Graphite GL-3 (ГЛ-3);

GOST 5420-74 Cryptocrystalline graphite. Specifications
(in Russian – ГОСТ 5420-74 Графит скрытокристаллический. Технические условия).
Graphite GLS-1 (ГЛС-1), Graphite GLS-2 (ГЛС-2), Graphite GLS-3 (ГЛС-3), Graphite GLS-4 (ГЛС-4);

GOST 7478-75 Cell graphite. Specifications
(in Russian – ГОСТ 7478-75 Графит элементный. Технические условия).
Graphite GE-1 (ГЭ-1), Graphite GE-2 (ГЭ-2), Graphite GE-3 (ГЭ-3), Graphite GE-4 (ГЭ-4);

GOST 8295-73 Graphite of lubricants. Specifications
(in Russian – ГОСТ 8295-73 Графит смазочный. Технические условия).
Graphite GS-1 (ГС-1), Graphite GS-2 (ГС-2), Graphite GS-3 (ГС-3), Graphite GS-4 (ГС-4), Graphite P (П);

Graphite for drilling applications
(in Russian – Графит для бурения, графит буровой).
Graphite GSB-1 (ГСБ-1),  Graphite GSB-3 (ГСБ-3);

GOST 17022-81 Graphite. Types, marks and general technical requirements
(in Russian – ГОСТ 17022-81 Графит.Типы, марки и общие технические требования).