Our main products are graphite powders.
See below other products we can offer too.

Graphite powder

Graphite of different grades, with different particle sizes for different areas of application, with carbon content up to 99% and more.

Graphene nanopowder

Graphene is the high-tech material. Made in Ukraine. The raw materials for manufacturing the graphene nanopowder are prepared by our company.

Carburization agents

Carburization agents (synonyms - carburizing agents / carburizers / recarburizers / modifiers). All you need to adjust quality and modify chemical composition of your products.

Coke and by-prodycts

Coke, Nut Coke, Breeze Coke, Coke Slurry, Coke Sludge, Coke Powder, Coke Dust.

Coal and by-products 1

Coal and by-products

Coal, Coal Dust, Coal Slurry, Coal Sludge, Coal Powder.

Carbon-containing material 1

Carbon-containing material

For non-stick coatings in foundries, as pigment in building mixtures, as burnable additive of refractory products, for manufacturing of periclase-carbon refractories.

Iron powder 1

Iron powder

Iron powder for manufacturing of your different products and for different areas of apllications (e.g. abrasive material).

We send samples of materials if needed and provide information concerning their physicochemical characteristics.